Part of missing Titan submarine found


Part of missing Titan submarine found, Pakistani businessman and all passengers including his son announced dead 

The Ocean Gate Company has confirmed the death of those aboard the missing Titanic submarine, which was on a recreational trip to the wreck of the historic Titanic in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The cruise operator Ocean Gate, whose founders were also aboard the Titan submarine, said in a statement: 'We believe that our CEO Stockton Rush, Prince Dawood and his son Sulaiman Dawood, Hamish Harding and Paul Henry, lost.' 

This statement was preceded by confirmation from the US Coast Guard that during the search for the missing submarine Titan, some wreckage was found near the Titanic on the sea floor. 

David Mearns, a friend of the Titan passengers and a diving expert, told the BBC that the wreckage included the Titan's landing frame. 

In a statement released by the Ocean Gate Company, it expressed regret for the loss of passengers and thanked the international community for providing assistance in the rescue efforts. 

US Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mager said at a press conference that the tail of the Titan submarine was found about 1,600 feet from the wreckage of the Titanic on Thursday morning. 

He said that more debris was also discovered during the search. 

It may be recalled that the submarine, which was taken on a recreational trip to the wreck of the Titanic, was missing since Sunday, after which a search was launched. 

In search, two drones reached the bottom of the sea, while an aircraft of the British Royal Army also joined the operation at this point. Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft, ships and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) also took part in the search. 

According to the US Coast Guard, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) will remain on the ocean floor and try to gather more information. 

Meanwhile, the US Coast Guard said that the rescue teams involved in the search for the submarine heard sounds, after which the scope of the search operation was widened. 

But Capt. Jamie Frederick said Wednesday that it was not known what the noises were. 

According to experts, the environment and conditions under the sea, where the Titan submarine went, are as harsh and difficult as the outer space of the Earth. 

Because the part of the ocean where the Titanic wreck lies is called the 'Midnight Zone' because of the freezing temperatures and pitch darkness there.

What was the focus of the search? 

The crew in Titan submarine lost their contact with the surface ship Polar Prince 1 hour and 45 minutes after it began its underwater trip on Sunday. 

The extra oxygen supply to the people in the submarine was due to run out at 4 pm Pakistan time on Thursday. 

The Titanic wreck is located 435 miles south of St. John's, Newfoundland. 

US and Canadian agencies, navies and commercial companies capable of deep-sea operations were part of the rescue operation. The operation was conducted from Boston, Massachusetts and was supported by military aircraft and sonar buoys. 

Some of these ships carried 'Remotely Operated Vehicles' (ROVs) which were used to locate the submarine on the sea floor. 

Professor Alistair Greig conducts submarine research at University College London. Chief among the problems, he said, was that rescuers didn't know whether to find the submarine on the surface or on the ocean floor because it was "very unlikely" that it would be found. Be in the middle.

Who is Prince David? 

48-year-old Prince Dawood, a member of a large Pakistani business family and a board member of the Prince's Trust Charity in the UK, and his 19-year-old son Sulaiman were also aboard the missing submarine. 

A statement released by the Dawood family after the submarine went missing said: 'Our son Prince Dawood and his son Suleiman embarked on a journey to see the remains of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. At present, contact with their submarine craft (small submarine) has been lost and information available about it is limited.' 

The Dawood family is one of the wealthiest families in Pakistan, but they also have deep ties to Britain. 

Prince Dawood was the Vice Chairman of Engro Corporation. The company operates in the fertilizer, food and energy sectors. His sons were studying in Sulaiman University. 

A statement released by a family spokesperson said: 'Solomon is a huge fan of science fiction literature and loves to learn new things.' 

According to British media, Prince Dawood was born in Pakistan but later moved to the UK, where he studied law at the University of Buckingham, while he also completed an MSc in Global Textile Marketing from the University of Philadelphia. 

Prince Dawood was also a trustee of 'SETI' Institute, a space research company and some details about him are provided on the institute's website. 

According to these details, Prince Dawood was living in the UK with his wife Christine and their children Sulaiman and Alina. He was fond of photography and was known as an animal lover. 

Prince Dawood was the Vice Chairman of 'Dawood Hercules Corporation'. Dawood Hercules Corporation is the part of  Dawood Group and the family has been involved in this business world for more than a century. Prince Dawood joined the family business in 1996 where his expertise lies in corporate governance and industrial sector renewal in Pakistan. 

Dawood Hercules Corporation manages and oversees a diverse range of industries where Prince Dawood has been instrumental in exploring opportunities for integration and growth and innovation in sectors such as energy, agri-food, food, petrochemicals and textiles. 

Prince was also shareholder director on the boards of Dawood Engro Corporation & Dawood Lawrencepur Limited. 

What is a Titanic Wreck Tour? 

According to Ocean Gate Company advertising campaign, this eight day trip was an opportunity to step out of ordinary life and to discover extraordinary. 

According to the company's website, two expeditions are planned to be sent in 2024 as well. 

This small submarine carries a pilot plus three ticket-paying guest passengers. Apart from them an expert is also on board the submarine according to the company. 

The expedition begins at St. John's in Newfoundland. 

According to the company's V site, it has three submarines, of which only the Titan was capable of going that deep. 

The weight of this submarine was 10432 kg and according to the website it can go to a depth of 13100 feet. The submarine had life support for about 96 hours. 

The Titanic, the largest ship of its time, sank in 1912 by hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage to New York. More than 1,500 of the 2,200 passengers and crew members on board were killed. 

The wreckage of the ship was first found and discovered in 1985.

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