Human rights organization Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has condemned the arrest of Iman Mazari.

'The ego of a nuclear-powered state has been hurt', expressing anger over the arrest of Iman Mazari 

Iman mazari with shireen mazari
Iman mazari with shireen mazari

A local court in Islamabad has approved the one-day physical remand of Iman Mazari, a human rights activist and a lawyer for many victims of forced disappearances, on charges of incitement against state institutions. 

Two cases were registered against Iman Mazari after he attended and spoke at a Pashtun Protection Movement (PTM) rally in Tarnool area of ​​Islamabad on Friday night and the Islamabad police arrested him from his residence on Sunday morning. 

Ali wazir arrested
Ali wazir

 The police have also confirmed the arrest of Iman Mazari as well as former Member of National Assembly Ali Wazir. 

A case has been registered against Iman Mazari by Tarnool police station for making statements against state institutions and inciting people against institutions, while the case registered by CTD under anti-terrorism provisions has alleged that he approved Manzoor Pashteen. Samit along with other leadership of PTM encouraged people to revolt, civil war, civil disobedience and armed struggle. 

According to reports, Iman Mazari will be kept in police station Woman till tomorrow in the case registered by police station CTD. 

On the arrest of her daughter, former member of Imran Khan's party Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari said, "Women police officers and some people dressed in plain clothes broke the door of our house and took my daughter."

"Our security cameras, laptop, and her phone had also taken. 

 When we asked them why they had come, they dragged Iman out." 

SHe further wrote that 'my daughter was in sleeping clothes at night and she asked them to change her clothes but they took her away without any arrest warrant or legal action. This is the fascism of the state, remember that we are only two women in the house. So it's a kidnapping.'

'Amendments have empowered state goons'

Since this morning, people have been commenting on social media regarding the arrest procedure of Iman Mazari and restrictions on freedom of expression in Pakistan. 

Human rights organization Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has condemned the arrest of Iman Mazari. He says the manner in which the Islamabad police allegedly entered the house without a warrant is unacceptable. 

'This points to a larger, more alarming project of state-sanctioned violence against freedom of expression.' 

He demanded that Iman Mazari be released immediately. 

Social activist Marvi Sarmad condemned the arrest of Iman Mazari in his tweet and wrote that it is an illegal act. Breaking and entering a home without a warrant, harassing two unarmed women, kidnapping a law abiding citizen without complying with the law. 

With such blatant contempt for the law, they want to run Pakistan. unacceptable.' 

Muhammad Taqi strongly condemned the arrest in his tweet saying that 'with the new amendments passed by the PPP and PDM government, the state goons have got unbridled powers to harass the rights defenders. .' 

"The more people you kidnap, the more people will come out to protest against state kidnappings," Mina Gabina tweeted. 

"The more terrorism you do, the more people will call you a terrorist." How hard is that to understand?'

User Ayesha Razzak tweeted that 'Iman Mazari and Ali Wazir's arrests are particularly ironic and troubling because the Prime Minister's new human rights adviser is Mashaal Malik, the wife of pro-Kashmir pro-independence leader Yasin Malik. Abducted by Indian forces.'

Aima Khan tweets that 'the ego of the world's nuclear power state has been hurt by this young girl'.

In the past, Iman Mazari criticized former Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa for the arrest of Sharin Mazari by the Punjab Police. A case was filed against him by the Jag branch of the army and the case was dismissed by the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court. 

On the other hand, Ali Wazir, a former Member of Assembly from the tribal district of North Waziristan and leader of the Pashtun Protection Movement, was also under scrutiny during the previous regime and was imprisoned for more than a year and a half in several cases.

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