Pakistan vs afghanistan live 1st ODI 22 August 2023


Ptv sports live Pakistan vs afghanistan 1st odi 22 August 2023

Watch Pakistan vs afghanistan 1st odi 22 August 2023

The first ODI match between Pakistan and Afghanistan is being played today in an important match of the World Cup in the world cricket field. Both the teams have brought their best players on the field to make their country proud.

 This competition reflects not only the joy of cricket but also the friendly relations between the two countries. On this occasion, it is a welcome event for cricket lovers which can be a source of great joy for them.

 We see which team succeeds in learning a lesson in the results of their coaching and players' hard work and which proves itself as a cricketing force nationally.

 During the competition, we will also get to see heartwarming moments, when a player makes a brilliant play to lead the team to victory. We must wait to see which team wins today and which players make this match memorable.

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