Imran Khan's message to the nation after the conviction in the cipher case:

Imran Khan's Message on the Cipher Case:

سائفر کیس میں سزا کے بعد  عمران خان کا قوم کے نام  پیغام:  Imran Khan's message to the nation after the conviction in the cipher case:

"My Nation! By now, you must have heard through my legal representatives how false cases, including the cipher case, are proceeding challenging constitutional requirements and statutory regulations. It should be noted that Cipher is a case that has been declared null and void by the Islamabad High Court twice, as both times attempts were made to pursue the case in violation of the Constitution and the law. Moreover, the Supreme Court has granted bail in this case as the whole structure of the case is based on lies, deceit, conspiracy, and falsehood. Now it is clear from the statements of the main witnesses that there is nothing against me and Shah Mehmood in this case. The conspirators are anxious to finish the case within the legal framework. This trial is not a trial but a fixed match, the outcome of which was predetermined by the orchestrators of the London Plan and their associates. Therefore, I am already aware of the judgment of this case. These people want me to be severely punished in this case so that you can take to the streets to vent your emotions. They also aim to involve unknown persons in a false flag operation similar to the one on May 9, with the hope of achieving results not previously achieved by false flag operations. They also want you to feel down and stay indoors on February 8. My Pakistanis! This is your struggle, and this is your test to peacefully avenge every injustice with your vote on February 8. Innocent Pakistanis imprisoned in jails for the last 8 months will get justice and freedom only with your vote. I am sure that just as you have bravely broken the chains of fear and taken to the streets, on election day you will come out in millions to defeat the deceit of the London Plan and show that we are not sheep. Which should be connected with sticks. . I am sure that February 8 will be our day of victory. God willing."

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