Man who received world’s first pig kidney transplant dies two months after surgery

"A First Man Who Got Gene-Edited Transplant With Pig Kidney Has Died", Hospital Sources 

A 62-year-old man died after a month of surgery, who received a genetically edited Pig kidney transplantation.

Man who received world’s first pig kidney transplant dies two months after surgery

Rick Slayman got the kidney at Massachusetts General in March, after being

diagnosed with the end-stage Kidney Disease. The hospital is saying that this is not

necessary, that the death was caused by this transplantation.

Slayman, a manager at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, received 4

hours of continuous surgery after which he was discharged from the hospital at the

doctor's recommendation. Doctors thought that this kidney would last for

many years but now they are admitting, animals to human transplantation of

organs are absolutely uncertain.

Mr. Slayman will live forever in our thoughts as a hope for Many patients who need

transplantation, we are thankful to him as he trusted us and we admire his

dedication to the advancement of Xenotransplantation.

We have extreme sympathy for his family and friends as he was very kind and loving

man according to them, his family said that he gave hope to many patients Who

need transplant they must receive inspiration and motivation from Mr Salayman

Salayman was in a kidney transplant program for about 11 years, he received human

kidney transplant in 2018 after dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure but

after 5 years, his kidney failed and he went to dialysis in 2023.

He said he agreed to animal kidney transplantation, because not only it give

me new life but it could also give hope to millions of people. A Doctor Who did the

surgery got great applause in an operating room.

According to the research, America is going through a shortage of organs, and

there are more than 100000 people who are waiting for organ donations to live life


Doctors believe that animal organs transplantation can help in the saving of

humans live in the duration of shortage of organs.

Before Salaynan transplantation, there were only two transplantations done with the Pig 

organ, both patients received pig hearts after special permission but unfortunately, both of

patients died after a few weeks of the surgery of heart transplantation.

EGenesis, the company that genetically edited pig kidneys gave in a statement in the

the honor of Mr. Salman, that Mr. Salman became The pioneer and helped medical

science to take one step forward in the advancement of kidney

transplantation, his contribution will be admired forever. He helped us to continue

our work to advance xenotransplantation.

His family said that his contribution will not only help patients but also help with the

researchers and the health care professional in the future, his contribution and

His legacy will live forever.

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