Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

Enhance Your Productivity with These Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts Tricks

Windows keyboard shortcut keys

So we all have that one friend or co-worker who has extraordinary computer skills,

they barely touch the mouse and their fingers go lighting fast on the keyboard,

they have so much time to perform some other casual tasks

like chatting with friends on Facebook or playing video games,

but this is not magic your friend just knows some hot keys, which make his task done in a shorter time.

Let's start and learning 7 short keys that every computer user must know

1. Create a virtual desktop

Let's imagine you are in the office and working on some projects that you do all day,

suddenly you need to deal with another task, and opening that task in a new

tab will slow down your computer and mess up the current office project

In this case, you need another desktop for a clean look for this you need to press the window key + Control + D

so you will not mess up with the current ongoing project.

2. Switch between the virtual desktop

Before you start getting panicking about where your previous work has gone

let me show you how you can jump to the previous task you were doing before

you needed to press the window key + control key

and now you have to press the left and right Arrow keys to switch between the previous task and the current ask. If you are using a Mac you need to press only the control + Arrow keys.

Now let's suppose you are done with the second task and now you want to close it

you can do this by using the window key + control + F4,

For Mac users press the option keys and now click on the X sign which appears over any desktop spaces to close them.

3. Return to the Desktop from Apps

Now like suppose there are too many apps open one other behind and you want to minimize them all.

you don't need to minimize one by one to all you can do this by pressing the window key + m

4. Open an App from the Taskbar

If you want to have quick access to your most used apps first recommendation is to keep them all on the taskbar,

now you don't need to take a mouse cursor to the taskbar,

you can open any particular app on your taskbar by pressing the window key + number key

the number key represents the app sequence of the app on the taskbar

Suppose Microsoft Office is the first app on the taskbar

you can open it with the Window key + 1 key

and the same as let's suppose Google Chrome is on the 5th number

you can open it by pressing the window key + 5 key

but remember the number key is not from your side numeric keypad,

the number key should be pressed from the above row.

5. Divide your Computer Screen

Here  is a magic trick, so if you are working on two applications

let's suppose one is YouTube where you are watching Photoshop tutorials

and the other side you are working on Photoshop, where you are applying all those instructions and learnings to your Photoshop work

for this, you have to first open YouTube then press Windows + Right arrow Key

It will split to the right side of your computer screen

then open Photoshop and press the Windows + Left Arrow key

and it will split and start snowing on the left side of the computer screen

now you can work and see two applications at the same time on the same screen.

6. Switching Apps Quickly

If you want to switch from one app to another app quickly which is currently running on your computer,

you can do this by pressing Control + Alter then pressing the Tab Key

it will start showing all the apps that are currently running on your computer,

now you can switch from one app to another app more easily.

7. Program management and troubleshooting 

If your computer is stuck and not responding well then you can restart a computer

but it is a very time-consuming process and you are not happy to do so,

because you are working on a very important task and do not want to lose all your data by restarting the computer, 

you can escape the situation by pressing Control + Shift + Esc key, 

it will open your task manager where you can stop one of the App out of the many apps running in the background, by closing the app you will lose all your data from that application

but it is better to lose all of your data from your computer which you can face by restarting the machine

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