Clout MMA 1 fight card - who fights on the gala on August 5, 2023?


Clout MMA 1 fight card - who fights on the gala on August 5, 2023?

Clout MMA 1 fight card - who fights on the gala on August 5, 2023?

Has become. On August 5, 2023, the Clout MMA 1 gala will take place in Warsaw's Torwar. The fight card is already known. Although it was not without unexpected emotions, because Jarek Ninja dropped out of the list at the last minute, and was replaced by the Powerful Translator, i.e. Michał Waleszczyński, known for translating conversations with Jay Silva. So see who fights at Clout MMA 1 .

Here you will find a live coverage of the Clout MMA 1 gala - click >>>

Clout MMA 1 fight card - who fights on 08/05/2023?

At the debut gala of Clout MMA 1, the fight card consists of as many as 13 exciting duels. There is no shortage of famous freak fight characters, former athletes, but also debutants. It will happen.

  • Marcin Najman - Andrzej Fonfara
  • Tomasz Hajto – Zbigniew Bartman
  • Jay Silva – Tomasz Sarara (Q-1)
  • Denis Labryga – Dawid Crazy Załęcki (K-1)
  • Blazej Augustyn - Dominik Pudzianowski
  • Eve Mrs. Honey Wyszatycka – Paulina Hornik
  • Tomasz Szalony Reporter Matysiak – Cezary Czarek Charms Gołębiewski
  • Monika Nikola Nikita Alokin Laskowska, the best Polish journalist
  • Konrad Karwat - Michał Waleszczyński
  • Piotr Lizakowski – Dominik Skowyra
  • Piotr Pająk - Wojciech Record holder Sobierajski
  • Mariusz Super - Kacper Ludwiczek Bociaski Michael Sobczak
  • Blow - Magical jr.

As you can see in Clout MMA 1, the fight card is full of emotions. The fans are waiting for the clash between Marcin Najman and Andrzej Fonfara. The conflict between the two began a few years ago on Channel Sportowy. Everyone is wondering what form Fonfara will be in after a long separation from the sport. The duel between Zbigniew Bartman and Tomasz Hajta also raises a lot of emotions. Ex-volleyball player vs. ex-footballer. Both men are controversial figures. Tomasz Sarara and Jay Silva are a guarantee of emotions from the beginning to the end of the fight. We are curious how the third brother, Dominik Pudzianowski, will cope with Błażej Augustyn, who replaced Paweł Bomba. From the point of view of a freakfight fan, Ludwiczek's clash with Super Mario is also interesting. A lot of emotions are buzzing around one of the two women's fights, the controversial Nikita with the best Polish journalist. Will Clout MMA 1 fight card not disappoint? This is what the fans and the organization itself, which wants to enter the shoes of the High League, count on.

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