YouTube Premium packages price in Pakistan

 YouTube Premium makes its debut in Pakistan; here's a complete details of  YouTube Premium packages and its price

YouTube premium packages

YouTube, the world's largest video search engine, has introduced two new services to provide better facilities to its Pakistani users, which will allow you to watch videos without ads.

According to details, the leading video platform YouTube has introduced its paid 'YouTube Premium Service' and 'YouTube Music' platforms in Pakistan.

Yesterday, in a statement issued by YouTube, the official launch of the above two services has been announced in Pakistan, but Pakistani users will have to pay money to benefit from these YouTube services.

In this regard, Farhan S. Qureshi, Director of Google for Pakistan, has said that Pakistani users will get a new experience with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

He says that currently there are more than 1 million subscribers of more than 400 channels in Pakistan who can use these facilities.

What is YouTube Premium?

Users can watch videos without advertising when they subscribe to YouTube Premium. It also comes with background play option via YouTube Premium which means you can watch YouTube videos while multitasking or use it even when the mobile screen is locked.

In addition, YouTube Premium users can also download content from their favorite shows and content creators.

YouTube Premium users can also take advantage of YouTube Music Premium and listen to their favorite music without ads, play it in the background and download it from YouTube Music.

What is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is a platform specially designed for music only, it offers official songs, albums, playlists and artist radio, live performances etc.

Users can listen to new songs on this YouTube Music and stay connected to the world of music.

Although YouTube Music is available for free, it requires users to watch advertisements.

If you want to listen to your favorite YouTube music without ads, then you need to get YouTube Music Premium service.

How much to pay for YouTube Premium?

YouTube will initially offer YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium services for free for one month, after which users will have to pay Rs 479 per month for YouTube Premium.

This subscription will also include a membership to YouTube Music Premium. This means users will be able to experience videos and audios without ads while also benefiting from background play and downloads.

899 to get the YouTube Premium family plan, the membership can be shared with up to five people in the household.

YouTube Music Premium costs Rs 299, while its family plan is available for Rs 479.

Also, YouTube has introduced a separate premium and music package for students where eligible students will have to pay Rs 329 for YouTube Premium and Rs 149 for Music Premium.

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