20 Jobs - Safe and at Risk from Artificial Intelligence

20 Jobs that Will Not Be Affected by AI

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Media careers are in danger, while manual labor is seen to be the most secure against AI.

It has been discovered that jobs safest and most at risk from artificial intelligence have been identified, with experts predicting that AI will replace 30 crore total jobs in the coming years.

Which jobs are at the most risk from AI? We will see in the article

An Investment Bank Goldman Sachs study has revealed that artificial intelligence can work in more than a quarter of America and Europe.

Like all technological advancements, artificial intelligence will change the way we work, leading to the elimination of some jobs but the creation of others.

The report states that Generative AI, such as OpenAI's GPT, which can create human-like content, is a 'major advancement.'

At the beginning of last year, the telecommunication company BT announced that it would cut 55,000 jobs by the end of this decade, replacing nearly 10,000 employees with artificial intelligence.

One of Britain's largest trade unions, Prospect, has found that most workers believe that the government should regulate the use of artificial intelligence, such as Generative AI, to protect jobs, with 58% of workers supporting regulation.

The British government is also keen to promote investment in artificial intelligence in the UK, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also claiming at an AI summit in November last year that artificial intelligence could be the best thing yet for human evolution.

In the same vein, Elon Musk, owner of X and Tesla, told the Prime Minister that artificial intelligence will be 'the most disruptive force in the industry for employment,' claiming that 'there will come a time when no job is needed.'

20 Jobs Safe from AI:

According to analysts at Job Search Engine Adzuna, the following are the jobs that are safe from artificial intelligence and automation:

①) Oncologist ②) Orthodontist ③) Pediatrician ④) Judge ⑤) CEO ⑥) AI/Machine Learning Engineer ⑦) Paving/Surfacing/Tamping Equipment Operator ⑧) Politician (Salary for MP) ⑨) Surgeon ⑩) Ethical Hacker ⑪) Business Consultant ⑫) Midwife ⑬) Derrick Operator ⑭) Foundry Mold and Coremaker ⑮) Influencer ⑯) Oil Rigger ⑰) Pipelayer ⑱) Mechanic ⑲) Therapist ⑳) Crane Driver

It was found that hand-operated jobs, such as mechanics, plumbers, and builders, are at shallow risk from artificial intelligence, with medical professionals being the highest rewarded and best isolated in their careers.

In December, the average advertised salary for an Oncologist was £212,431, which is the highest in this list. Influencers, therapists, and judges also found safety in artificial intelligence.

Completely new jobs are also being created with AI, including machine managers, AI trainers, and preempt engineers.

Jobs at Risk from AI:

    ⦁ Graphic Designer ⦁ Software Engineer ⦁ Advertising Specialist ⦁ Writer/Author ⦁ Clinical Data Manager ⦁ Telemarketer ⦁ Financial Analyst ⦁ Journalist ⦁ IT Support Analyst ⦁ Web & Digital Interface Designer ⦁ Administrative Assistant ⦁ PR Specialist ⦁ Travel Agent ⦁ Data Analyst ⦁ Receptionist ⦁ Proofreader ⦁ Legal Secretary ⦁ Paralegal ⦁ Coder

  1. Goldman Sachs' report states that the effects of artificial intelligence will vary across different sectors. Administrative sectors could see 46% and legal professions could see 44% of work done automatically, but only 6% in construction and 4% in caregiving.

According to Adzuna, the job most at risk from artificial intelligence is Graphic Designer, with an average salary of £31,791.

Jobs in the media industry, including advertising specialists, journalists, and writers/authors, are also at the top of this list, as creative artificial intelligence is becoming more active in the production of long-form written content.

Before the AI summit, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tried to reduce people's fears by saying: 'It is essential to recognize that artificial intelligence is not just automated and does not end people's jobs. The best way to think about it is as an assistant pilot.'

'Like all technologies, it transforms our labor market, and I think over time, it makes our economy more prosperous and productive.'

'Overall, it creates more progress, but that means changes have come to the labor market.'

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