Newton Of Gaza

Newton of Gaza - who found a way to generate electricity with his intelligence

Using two wings and some wires extracted from the garbage as wind turbines, the young man Hossam Al-Attar, in the devastated Gaza, generated electricity to illuminate his tent.

Using two wings and some wires extracted from the garbage, Hossam Al-Attar, a young man from Gaza, found a way to generate electricity to illuminate his temporary tent in the aftermath of the recent Israeli bombardment, where he and his family have taken refuge to escape the barbarity of Israel.

Acknowledging his intelligence, the people of the refugee camp have dubbed him "Gaza's Newton."


15-year-old Hossam Al-Attar told the Reuters news agency: "Due to the similarity between me and Newton, the people around me started calling me Gaza's Newton."

He said, "Similar to how Newton discovered gravity while he was sitting beneath a tree and an apple fell on his head, here we are living in darkness and pain, and Israeli bombs are falling on us, so I thought of generating electricity for light."

English scientist Isaac Newton made immense discoveries in physics, mathematics, and astronomy in the early 18th century and gained worldwide fame due to the story of the apple.

More than half of Gaza's population of 2.3 million is living in temporary shelters in the southern outskirts of Rafah, Gaza's narrow strip, without all the basic necessities, including electricity.

He said, "I started repairing it little by little until it became capable of spreading the wires to the tent where we are living so that it can be illuminated."

According to him, "I was very happy that I succeeded in doing this because I reduced the suffering of my family, my mother, my sick father, and the small children of my brother, and every person present here who has been affected by the war imposed by Israel."

According to local health officials, more than 27,000 people have died in Israeli aggression so far, and this has caused massive displacement and hunger.

Amidst despair, Hossam Al-Attar did not let his dreams and aspirations die.

He said I am delighted that people in this camp refer to me as Gaza's Newton because I hope to be a scientist like Newton and realize my ambition of inventing something that benefits not only the people of Gaza but the entire globe.

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